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artimater- making a living+cultural/regional slant

updated mon 12 mar 01


stvc on sun 11 mar 01

Recent estimates for the San Diego area suggest $22,000 to $24,000 per year
is the dividing line for poverty for a family of three. I think it's closer
to $30,000. Try finding decent (somewhat safe with relatively good schools
near by) housing with your children in mind in San Diego even for that.

Having lived in several regions, including very rural Oregon (Tillamook
County), I can tell you there is great variation in the relative cost of
living and making a living. I don't think Artimator's estimate for "living
comfortably" is that far off for the Southern California coastal regions.
I'm sure it is very different in Ohio. It was in Oregon. How about NYC?

I'm feeling some fear with my recent commitment to my art also. Beyond cost
of living considerations in my region, the Southern California culture does
not reflect anything close to the broader understanding of and appreciation
for ceramics found in the Midwest or East. Most of us in the real world
must make compromises is one area or another in order to make a comfortable
living. As one writer on this thread hinted earlier, the challenge is to
fertilize our compromises with as much creativity as we can muster.

With a young family and dependent parents, my behavior must not proceed from
self indulgent notions. On the other hand, I know myself and must come to
grips with my seeming inability to force myself to work at jobs that have no
intrinsic creative reward. It's a tough balancing act, and we'll see where
it all ends up. I'm not adverse to making use of any process, tool, or
business entity to get done what I need to do. In SOME senses I agree with
the statement--I think it was Jim Carroll--"Nothing's true. Everything's
permitted." At least I think that's what the poem/song said.

Steven Van Cleave
Vista, CA