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yellow cone 6 glaze- correction

updated tue 6 mar 01


Ababi on mon 5 mar 01

The original glaze was posted by Marty Anderson. Ron Roy
decreased the amount of the Lithium.
I found out later that the glaze works good without lithium carbonate.
The magic is the relation between ruttile 5% and Titanium about 10%
The original recipe was:


Frit 3134 20
Dolomite 20
Spodumene 20
Ball Clay (OM4) 20
Flint 20

Titanium Dioxide 10
Rutile 6

I changed it as I could not buy Spodumen at that time. I used my available
English kaolin&ball clay.
Recently Alisa, posted another glaze with the same base, I wrote Soft blue
not sure if that was the original name. From alisa:

"Resulted in a
very fluid, gloss glaze with colors throughout varying from greenish brown
to opal blues and whites.
A lot of movement in the glaze and one big pinhole where thickest under lip.
Streaking on inside of bowl lead to
a pool of aqua gloss in middle of bowl"

Just looks like a good base to work with either the original The way
Marty Anderson , as well as Alisa posted , RR version or mine without the
Lithium carbonate:
Food for mind!

In my humble site there are two examples of the Butterscotch glaze
Ababi Sharon

From: "Fabienne Micheline Cassman"
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 5:31 AM
Subject: Yellow Cone 6 Glaze

> Greetings :)
> I have been in search of a c/6 yellow matte glaze without the use of
> stains. I found the following glaze in the archives, from Ababy Sharon
> revised by Ron Roy. What a gorgeous glaze :)
> _Butterscotch_
> Frit 3134 25
> Dolomite 12
> Lithium carbonate 2
> Custer feldspar 10
> Kentucky OM #4 26
> Silica 25
> ADD:
> Titanium dioxide 9
> Rutile 4

> I changed the feldspar and the ball clay to what I had. Ababy's notes
> read: yellow tan gloss glaze with white frosting throughout. Frosting has
> bluish hue where heaviest.

> I found that it was glossy only in thinner spot which is also where it was
> brightest. The frosting was a nice surprise; I had never seen glazes like
> that.
> I am still testing a few other possibilities and will post them if
> turns out close to yellow :)
> Cheers,
> Fabienne
> --
> Milky Way Ceramics
> Yes, I have learned from my mistakes...
> I can reproduce them exactly.(Me too-Ababi)