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workshop with david hendley

updated mon 5 mar 01


Vicki Katz on sun 4 mar 01

Plenty of Notice - I don't want to get fussed at AGAIN for not giving ample
notice of a workshop ....

DAVID HENDLEY - aka Junk Yard Dog is going to do a workshop for TCAA and
fellow clayart lovers in SE Texas. David has agreed to come to Sugar Land &
do a hands-on 2 day workshop with a focus on using the extruder. The
workshop will be sometime in August & the cost will be more than $50 and less
than $100 ( we will set cost after meeting with him at NCECA ). TCAA members
get a discount of $5.00 on workshop fee.

The point is, if you are interested, please call Karen Cruce owner of
POTTER'S PLACE in Sugar Land, TX at 281-313-3223 and sign-up, we will call
you when we get the price & exact dates set. The first day this was
announced locally, 11 people signed up. With this in mind, David is
considering (we are begging) than he do two workshops, one during the week &
one on a week-end. The workshop will be limited in number because it is a
hands-on workshop.

So call Karen on Monday & get on the list! You know it will be colorful &
fun ....