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safe dinnerware test hlep? (fwd)

updated wed 7 mar 01


ACTSNYC@CS.COM on mon 5 mar 01

In a message dated 3/5/01 10:27:27 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> Subject: Re: Safe dinnerware test hlep?
> Hi Kurt,
> Per our off-line conversation, I will be glad to try to help you. Send
> me the data. The one below, of course, is great. There was no
> detectable manganese in the leachate so you don't need to worry about it.
> John
> Kurt Wild wrote:
> >Over a year ago I sent 6 mugs to the Alfred Analytical Laboratory for food
> >safeness testing. All of the mugs were glazed with the same glaze. Then
> >each mug was stained with a different soluble salt solution and tested by
> >the lab.
> >
> >Following testing ($120; 6 ASTM tests @ $10 each and then 6 metal tests @
> >$10 each) I received written results with no explanation that made sense
> >me in layman's terms. I contacted a chemist here at the university and a
> >hazardous waste specialist for help in interpreting the test results and
> >I'm still at a loss as to what they mean.
> >
> >If any one can provide some insight I'd appreciate it. In fact, I will
> >bring the test results to the Clayart room to show anyone who might be
> >able to help. I don't know if the result means that the chemical release
> >is hazardous or not.
> >
> >Here is the test report for the mug for Manganese:
> > Method Code EPA200.7
> > Method Detection Limit 0.01
> > Result <0.01
> > Unit MG/L
> > >Kurt
> >
That's lovely!

to start with: MG/L = milligrams/liter=ppm=parts per million. They are all
the same.

Your test means that the amount of manganese released on the standard leach
test was below the 0.01 detection limit of the test. And while the EPA is
still in the process of setting a maximum contaminant level (MCL) for
manganese in drinking water, I know they are not considering one anywhere
near that low. The 0.01mg/l level is where EPA set the MCL for arsenic!

In other words--this was a great test for you--provided there are no other
toxic metals in these glazes that might also leach.

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