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reading ceramic books

updated wed 7 mar 01


Gabrielle on tue 6 mar 01

Just thought I'd share my info. about requesting books through the =
interlibrary loan system. Here on
Vancouver Island we use the VI Reg. Library system, unless we live in a =
larger community where there are city libraries. (This is the only =
thing I absolutely hate about living in such a small place! No decent =
library!) For my fellow islanders: Up until last year we were allowed =
3 books, or printed articles?, per year, and anything over that there =
was a $10.00 charge per item.=20

As of January 1, 2001, this has been dropped and we are apparently =
allowed to request as much as we like. I did read somewhere that we are =
not allowed to request books that have just been published, nor are we =
allowed videos. (This is a personal frustration, because there is so =
much out there that is available, but only to those who live in the =
bigger communities.) Tough luck for us country bumpkins!=20

On a personal note---clayart has been very instrumental in helping me =
when I really needed it. It's the one educational/support medium that =
is always here and available to all.

I'm funny that way, if it isn't for all, then it's not for me. =20

Where Spring is Springing, the Robins are singing and the Crocus flowers =
are blooming. Mmm summer's just around the corner...