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updated tue 6 mar 01


Debi Rudman on mon 5 mar 01

IF the NJ pots can't find a way to get to NCECA they are more than welcome to
come to our first-ever Empty Bowls which will be held on April 22 (Earth Day)
from 1-4pm at the duCret School of Art, Plainfield, NJ. (The bowls will be on
display from April 12 through the 22 at the school). We are expecting 500
people and with only 15 ceramics students and one low-fire kiln we have
really had to hustle just to make about 100 bowls ;-)

The reason we're expecting about 500 people is because I got several local
schools and Girl Scout troops involved in learning about the hungry and got
my entire art school interested in the project so there will be 2-D art,
stained glass, children's book illustrations, all with the subject of feeding
the hungry. My friend's high school nutrition class is making and donating
several kinds of home-made soups and's going to be great. Plus -
another friend's PR Studio students are doing all our publicity and media
contacts and invitations....soooooo, if anyone's bowls can't make it to NCECA
for any reason and you want to bring them to Plainfield, NJ by April 12 they
will be very well received.

Debi Rudman
Ceramics Instructor, duCret School of Art,Plainfield, NJ
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