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mels fix'n things at school

updated tue 6 mar 01


will edwards on sun 4 mar 01


I read you post with great interest. It was almost a sensual experience! =
I did say almost. The rewards of what you stated are in line with those I=
and practice. When I took over the tired Armory that was falling down and=
shams, I cleaned and cleaned, we put in wheels, slab roller, extruder and=
of clay,chemicals and compassion.
I have several things for each piece that might fall apart and tools as y=
stated. So far not one thing has been missing or taken.
we work like a bunch of beavers building a secure nest because the chance=
having another old building of any kind where we live is almost impossibl=
So - we have this great place now. Work is in progress for expansion. Stu=
and members are coming in droves. The children are playing on one side wi=
clay and the adults are on the other side behind closed doors fighting an=
mastering both wheel and hand built forms. Glazes are flowing, so I suppo=
se it
is making me feel clay-erotic in many ways.
I love every aspect of clay and the people who give so much life to the a=
rt of
it. I am in love with that alone. Thats the sensual aspect I have for wha=
t I
do. (Hey it can be trained to do your will if your hands are working just=

right!) :) My passion for the medium is very lar=
and my passion for all people is even larger. Thats why I get in a fix tr=
to break barriers once in awhile. Please let everyone have a good chance =
prove themselves and be heard. Our group here is one of a kind and very
special. It needs very little fix'n if any at all!

William Edwards
Alchemy 101

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