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electric saggar question

updated wed 7 mar 01


Donna Gordon on tue 6 mar 01

Hi Marianne and Clayart,

I am one of the "listeners" on clayart, but I actually do have an answer and
examples to show of electric kiln saggar firing so here goes...

First, I did coat my kiln interior and elements with ITC 100 (thanks
Clayart). I have a Skutt 1027.

I bisque my Terra Sig'ed and burnished ( thanks again clayart and Vince!)
hand built pots to cone 010. I purchased from a building supply store two
12" round chimney flues, and I stack them inside the kiln on a shelf. I
place a little of my sawdust/vermiculite/chemical solution on the bottom of
the flue, place the piece in the middle then cover the piece in the mixture.
I slather on a thick mixture of kiln wash on the top edge of the flue and
seal the top with another kiln shelf or the dish of a terra cotta flowerpot.
(I have also used flower pots as saggars but the break and I can't get them
in the right sizes). I then fire fast to cone 012. I have been really happy
with the results and have noticed no damage to my elements yet. I do try to
fit in a bisque fire between saggars, and also I have a downdraft kiln vent.

As for the mixture to add color, I use mostly Vermiculite ( I called the
company that sells it and they say it has no asbestos-hope it's true!) with
a little sawdust and chemical depending upon the effect I want. Copper carb
and sulfate, cobalt, iron oxide, etc. I also drape the pots with chore boys
or steel wool or snail tape.

There are examples of electric saggar on my website on the second and third
"Gallery" pages. They are on the left side of both pages. (link below)

Anyway, the point is that I DO saggar in my electric and LOVE it! I figure
that if I go through elements more often then I will just build it into the
cost of the pots :). After all, we know that the public is willing to pay
any price we ask, right?

Regards to all, and special thanks to Russel Fouts who gave me the courage
to try it!

Donna Gordon
In northern California where I don't think I have seen the sun for 30 days.

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I was wondering if anyone has any experience of saggar firing in an electric
kiln. I've been told that its not possible because it would damage the
elements. Can anyone enlighten me ?