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disney ca adventure mural

updated mon 5 mar 01


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on sun 4 mar 01

Someone recently asked about the mural at the new Disney park in CA. I found
a small piece on it in the 2/4/01 LA Times Magazine.

According to the article, the mural was "conceived by Disney's Tim Delancy. "
The article also claims that it is one of the largest ceramic tile murals in
the world. It covers two walls and was "executed" by two San Pedro (a
neighborhood of LA near Long Beach) artists, Dimitri Lazaroff and Theodora
Kurkchiev. The mural is a collage of CA scenes and began as a series of 8 ft
long paintings that were blown up to 16 ft. The mural is composed of more
than 14,500 tiles.

Lazaroff and Kurkchiev started work on the 10,000 sq ft mural in February
2000 and told Disney that it would take at least 19 months. However, Disney
wanted it in half that time. So they worked 7 days a week, 12-16 hours a day
"hand-painting" each tile to have it done in time for the opening of the new

Come to think of it, it wasn't much of an article!

in cloudy Redondo Beach, CA
waiting for more rain, but glad that it is rain rather than the 15-30 inches
of snow that my sister is expecting in the next day or so. She lives outside
of Philadelphia, PA. Snow began to fall earlier today, but the big storm has
been delayed until tomorrow.