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digitalizing a gare kiln

updated wed 7 mar 01


ILENE MAHLER on tue 6 mar 01

I have been in almost constant touch with a angel Arnold Howard from
Gare...We are trying to make Paragon Digital Controller to work with my
15 year old 6 switch Gare kiln..It seems that not enough power is going
to the controller...I am now running the bisque manuelly to see if all
the switches are working...Has anyone out there had this problem or noes
anyone that is in the same boat as I am..I am doing a show or rather my
husband will be sitting in on a one night fund raiser March 24th ( I
will be in Charlotte for the pre-tour) and I am suppose to have chrystal
pots..I will cancel if I cann't get anything by next weekend,but I hate
yo do that......PLEASE! PLEASE! any help would be appreciated...Ilene in
freezing snowy Conn