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a simple booklist.

updated thu 8 mar 01


Lili Krakowski on wed 7 mar 01

If I made you a booklist it would include:
Marguerite Wildenhain's big book--name escapes me- AS WELL AS Michael
Cardews auto bio ed. by his son Seth.

That may give you a sense of "a potter's life."

Get Harry Frasier's book on glaze. Basic book, great info.

Get ahold of Andrew Holden's The Self-Reliant Potter. I repeat NOT
DAVIS'S book same title (wich is most excellent but not useful here and

A couple named Wetlauf wrote a book called Getting Into Clay. VERY useful
VERY Structured...and, o tempera o mores (or, as we are talking US
pottery today O tempura--out of print. Am sure library can find for you.

Also Charles Counts.

Then go to PL or some such. Every December Ceramics Monthly has this
great index. Go through back issues, (check out the year's index first)
and STUDY relevant articles.

Also get the Ceramics Monthly series books Questions Potters Ask, #1 and 2

I now have spent about $75 of your money. Counts, Wildenhain must be in
Public Library System, the others you will have to scout out--PL or used
book dealers.

Good luck.

By the way: Last year I read the Cardew Autobio and wrote to Seth Cardew
who sent me a delighful reply; the Mozart Sonata Michel Cardew liked so
much is known as the KEGEL sonata.

Now what is less know (at least around them here parts) is that KEGEL is
the German name for a pyrometric cone. However a German friend tells me
that it also means a child born out of wedlock.

Be of good courage
Lili Krakowski