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salty or soda soaking

updated tue 6 mar 01


Kris and Lisa Woodruff on fri 2 mar 01

Bettie Gorgels wrote about how she soaks her pots in a soda solution (for
special effects)then fired in her electric kiln. An article in Ceramics
Monthly tells of a salt water soak to achieve results like "real" salt
fired. I wonder if this would damage my elements. I love the salt and the
soda look, but I have to make do with my electric kiln.
----Lisa --in Florida
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iandol on sun 4 mar 01

Dear Lisa Woodruff,

You ask achieve results like "real" salt fired. I wonder if this would damage my =

It depends on your beliefs. If you accept the theory put forward by =
Daniel Rhodes which is now accepted into Potter's Folk Lore as True =
Fact, then either the proposed Chlorine or Hydrochloric acid may attack =
your elements.

If you can accept that there is an exchange reaction between molten =
sodium chloride and Potash Felspar or Potassium rich frit in a glaze, =
leading to the discharge of Potassium Chloride (Well documented I may =
add) then there seems to be little likelihood of ill effects.

Make your choice and have fun! You could get the opinion of the writer =
of that article. Contact them through the Editor. Better still, send a =
"Letter to the Editor" with this very question.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia