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solar kilns/vents

updated sat 24 feb 01


mel jacobson on fri 23 feb 01

hank, thanks for that great post. of course you will have a devil
of a time in your area finding the sun. (cloudy, 84% of the time.)

seriously, i have always wondered how to keep the sun shining in
one spot long enough to warm a kiln. you just explained it. a gyro
mirror. i do not believe it will be available in the next few years
for 2000 bucks. great thought. as i said after my return
from the middle east. when oil is really short, we will use solar
and wind, but that is a long way away. one solar system the size
that hank mentioned, would heat a small city in alaska.

i have seen vent pipes rotted to bits from electric kilns.
it should remind us of what comes from that kiln....not good
for our lungs. (p.s. i use masks. i was lecturing in columbus
with that spray gun in my hand.... and sprayed a bit for demo...
god i hate getting yelled at by clayarters. :) . one of the cm
staff people did the real spraying...i just pose for pix.

i have a stainless steel vent pipe in my studio and the weld that
holds the pipe in place rotted out from kiln fumes. that is a mean

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