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ready to buy kiln , bailey or excel

updated thu 1 mar 01


Gene McGovern on sun 25 feb 01

I am ready to buy my first Kiln.It is between the Excel And Bailey.The
Excel is a 7 cu. ft. with a 3 zone controller and 2 1/2 brick.The inside
dimension is 23 1/2" x 27".
The Bailey is a 7 cu. ft. with 3 zone controller ,Dawson sitter,3 1/2
double wall insulation,and element in base,inside dimension is 23"x27". And
about 2 hundred dollars more.
My questions are, is one controler better than the other. Is there any
problems with the element in the base of the Bailey.And does`the inside
dimension of the Bailey pose any problems with kiln selves.
If there is anyone that has experience with these Kilns I would like to
hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance,
Gene McGovern

Cindy Strnad on mon 26 feb 01


Between those two, I'd say go for the Bailey. That extra inch of brick would
be worth the money to me, and I hear Baileys are real good kilns. Don't know
anything about Excels, so I'm not bashing them, btw.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730

cyberscape on tue 27 feb 01

It depends really a lot on what you are going to use the kiln for. If
you are primarily doing low fire then the thicker bricks will just
overly slow down the cooling. If you are high firing, the extra brick
thickness will make your firing more efficient.

As far as the floor element is concerned, you need to be extra careful
to keep fallout off the element, especially silica sand. It will burn
out faster if there is junk on it. With three zone control, you don't
really need it.

Harvey Sadow