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paperclay corrosion query---was reduction damage

updated sat 24 feb 01


Carolyn Nygren Curran on fri 23 feb 01

" my vent is being rebuilt by Orton due to the paperclay eating the fan
blades away"

Interesting---and that brings up the question of what kind of paper is
used for paperclay. I don't recall any feedback on that as far as harshness
of paperclay on elements, vents, etc. (I do know that I have made a couple
of paperclay pieces on the wheel and that trimming them wore out the
trimming tool very quickly, which surprised me.) I think a clayart thread
on the pros and cons of various papers for paperclay would be useful. My
experience has been limited and I've only made paperclay a few times, and so
I have used toilet paper for the ease of the breakdown. There has been an
acrid smell similar to wood smoke from the kiln while the paper component
was burning, but I've never noticed anything else. How about it,
paperclayarters? What is the purest paper with fewest additives which
might influence the burning? How about newsprint versus old newspapers with
ink? Computer paper?
Cheers from CNC in upstate NY waiting for torpor and winter to