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no cone firing

updated tue 27 feb 01


ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on mon 26 feb 01

I have met some local potters , a wife and husband team. Their last name is
Touchstone. I have been buying face jugs from them.They live in the valley
south of me.They have been digging their own clay and they use it as glaze.
>From what i understand they also mix the clay they dig with Lizzala and that
is their clay body.

They dont use cones, they fire by time. They fire electric.They have NO idea
what temperature they fire to.
I have have been giving them cones also showing them how to make cone
packs.I figured if they put cone packs in their kiln at least they will get a
idea of what temp they are reaching.
They have no training except a few books.They make wonderful pots.
Am i wrong trying to confine them to using cones or is it better letting them
fire away by time. They have melted some pots.
Their clay glazes are great and they brought me about 50 lbs of their clay
for me to test. I bought 4 more face jugs.

Capt Mark
yesterday was a fantastic day
the temp was perfect and opened
all the doors and windows ,wow
Rising Fawn Ga

Wade Blocker on mon 26 feb 01

Eventually, as the elements age, the firings will take longer and longer.
If one fires without cones, and only by time, the resulting ware will be
underfired. Mia in ABQ