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updated sun 25 feb 01


Norman van der Sluys on sat 24 feb 01

I've read a lot of complaints about our litiginous society of late, and every one
assumes it is a new law of physics and nothing can be done about it. Back in the
'60's we had a saying, "If you're not part of the solution, your part of the
problem." Now, I don't suggest that potters lay their necks on the chopping block
for a matter of principle, but I hope you are all doing your part to combat this
idiocy by denouncing it publicly whenever apropriate.

Have you bought a candle holder lately? They now come with a long paragraph of
"instructions" entitled "burning instructions". A lot more than "apply flame to
wick." Back when wood stoves were commoplace, parents often used to let their
toddlers get a tiny taste of what hot meant. I think those kids grew up with a lot
more common sense than people have today, with their attitude of "all risk must be

Lili Krakowski wrote:

> And don't forget: a lot of this good stuff was invented BL: or Before
> Lawyers. Do you want to risk everything you have by blinding someone or
> disfiguiring a Famous Model just to make "stove top" flameware? Do you
> want to ruin the antique silk-sari atop a Steinway Grand with your oil
> lamps??

Norman van der Sluys

by the shore of Lake Michigan