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updated tue 27 feb 01


artimater on mon 26 feb 01

In reply to your on-list reply, which I already replied to =
off-list......I was in no way denegrating lawyers...As I pointed out =
off-list: when you talk to a lawyer you want to hear all the options, =
not quick answers...As I pointed out off-list...I LOVELOVELOVE MY =
lawyer....Frank Schor...If he doesn't have your answer he knows who =
does....Without lawyers we would be at the mercy of the government...OMG
As for the rest of your post, you pretty much said what I said in =
my first post.....A little less smartass and a little more clearly =
If you think beer smarts you up, try a little tequila...If you =
swallow the worm you get to be a genius till you pass out....
Seriously if you have a to a good lawyer
Opening wood kiln today with a plate for Gloria inside(funcity)
"i only indulge when i've seen a snake, so i keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"