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cone 6 glaze recipes & results

updated fri 2 mar 01


Andie Carpenter on thu 1 mar 01

Just opened a glaze kiln, with some exciting results. Wanted to share
the recipes with you guys (I may get some photos up of these glazes
tomorrow on the mug page).

All fired in oxidation to cone 6.

: ) Andie Carpenter
Handful of Earth Pottery
25 Rabbit RUn Lane
Ocean Pines, MD 21811

Andie's Barnard Black
Nepheline Syenite 20
Frit #3134 5
Cobalt Oxide 5
Bernard Slip or Blackbird 75
RESULT: A thck SILVER!! As in bright, shiny silver. Clearly not anywhere
near food safe, but pretty cool for you fuys who do sculptural work.
Really looks like a metal enamel.

Andie's Handful of Earth
Red Art 50
Bernard Slip or Blackbird 25
Frit #3134 50
RESULT: Glossy brick red breaking black and dark brown - I'm pretty
happy with this one - did well even on stoneware, on porcelain it all
but danced.

Old Gold Albany
Lithium Carb 10
Alberta Slip Substitute 78
Zircopax 12
RESULT: a nice, stable faux shino. Red breaking tan and cream.

Andie's Revised VC Tenmoku Gold II
Firt 3134 3
China Clay 2
Whiting 8
Lithium Carb 5.5
Dolomite 7
Silica Flint 5.5
Red Iron Oxide 10
Cornwall Stone 61
RESULT: More stable than original recipe, deep amber with
microcrystalline tea dusts. Dependable, third firing with perfect pots -
best on porcelain, as colors really jump out, but does very well on
stoneware, as well.