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apprenticeships abroad?

updated wed 28 feb 01


Tim Benson on tue 27 feb 01

I am looking for an opportunity to travel abroad between three months and a
year to gain experience as an apprentice. I am willing to work hard, but
also want an opportunity to continue developing my own work. I am
particularly interested in atmospheric and wood firing. Kiln building would
be at the top of my list.

I am 26 years old, hold a BFA in ceramics from Florida Atlantic University. I
am currently living in South Florida USA and the primary reason for seeking
this apprenticeship is experience and traditional education in the studio
pottery and woodfiring process.

Due to the financially strapping condition of being a young potter, money is
an issue - I don't have much of it to spend. A setting that would permit me
to work to pay my way would be ideal, but not imperitive.

If anybody knows of an opportunity that would be available to me and could
point me in the right direction, or even to someone that knows someone, I
would greatly appreciate it.


Tim Benson