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appeal for electric kiln cone 6 glaze formulas for new pottery class

updated fri 2 mar 01


Lynne Kelly on thu 1 mar 01

I work for a small non-profit art center in Virginia. Our pottery classes
have been around for years and are very popular, but to date, we have only
worked with low-fire white clay with grog.

We would like to start using cone 6 stoneware in our more advanced pottery
classes, but we are limited to an electric kiln. I have been asked to come
up with a couple sure but (hopefully) simple formulas that will work with
electric kilns, to propose for use in our new stoneware pottery classes.

My personal experience with pottery has been limited to glaze formula for
gas kiln cone 9-10 firing.

I used to be a member of Clay Art, and recall interesting discussions on
electric kiln glaze recipes. I've tried several different string searches
of the clay art archives and turned up hundreds and hundreds of posts, which
I have tried to go through.

But I was wondering if I could also directly request some suggestions from
the list members?

I appreciate any advice and/or glaze formula you can provide.


Lynne Kelly
Staff Accountant
Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Inc.
101 Museum Drive
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 596-8175