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appeal for electric kiln cone 6 glaze formulas for new pottery

updated sat 3 mar 01


Dai Scott on thu 1 mar 01


Hi, Lynne - go to the website and click on the cone 6
glaze link. There are a couple of really good base glaze recipes there that
will work very well with colorants added.
Dai in Kelowna, BC

C TRIPP on thu 1 mar 01

Hi Lynne,

Why not start with Tony Hansen's 5x20? (
I've only been making glazes for a year and I found the 5x20 a good 'jumping
off' place. And if you have problems/questions, you can appeal to Tony for

Good luck, Carol

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Ababi on fri 2 mar 01


Hello Lynne can you be more specific?
I have about 100 glazes for ^6.
I can give you links to 200 more.
Start with Tony Hansen's articles about his 20/5 glaze +
offers to add colorants. Than read, in the same site, Jonathan Kaplan"s
article, about why to
dump the floating blue+easy advises of how to make special effects.
If you are more specific, I will be able to offer you from the very many
glazes I tested in the last 3 years.
Ababi Sharon

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From: "Lynne Kelly"
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 8:24 PM
Subject: Appeal for electric kiln cone 6 glaze formulas for new pottery

> I work for a small non-profit art center in Virginia. Our pottery classes
> have been around for years and are very popular, but to date, we have only
> worked with low-fire white clay with grog.
> We would like to start using cone 6 stoneware in our more advanced pottery
> classes, but we are limited to an electric kiln. I have been asked to
> up with a couple sure but (hopefully) simple formulas that will work with
> electric kilns, to propose for use in our new stoneware pottery classes.
> My personal experience with pottery has been limited to glaze formula for
> gas kiln cone 9-10 firing.
> I used to be a member of Clay Art, and recall interesting discussions on
> electric kiln glaze recipes. I've tried several different string searches
> of the clay art archives and turned up hundreds and hundreds of posts,
> I have tried to go through.
> But I was wondering if I could also directly request some suggestions from
> the list members?
> I appreciate any advice and/or glaze formula you can provide.
> Sincerely,
> Lynne Kelly
> Staff Accountant
> Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Inc.
> 101 Museum Drive
> Newport News, VA 23606
> (757) 596-8175
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