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alabama clay conference news

updated mon 26 feb 01


will edwards on sat 24 feb 01


A quick note. Today I returned after a stint at the University of Alabama=
(Clay Conference). Met up with Susan Peterson a wonderful lady.
The conference went well with demo's and lectures, etc. Great job and muc=
effort was put in by Chris and the crew there.
Also stopped by the Alabama Museum of Art in Montgomery Alabama. This is =
must see place if you ever come this direction.
I must note that Susan will go back to Arizona with a Southern twang. She=
getting some down South language lessons while we were getting some deep =
perspective on her books and her many travels as well as some great piece=
s of
art in the gallery.
I must also add that I ran into some Clayarters there. So we are also
representing our group when we put it on our name tags just under our nam=
It is nice to meet family in places unknown and sit down for a chat with =
When you think you are all alone just look around and see if anyone has
Clayarts under their name tags. Hey it brings us together in a big way!
William Edwards
Alchemy 101

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