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(need cone 6 glaze recipe) getting of the glaze recipe treadmill

updated tue 27 feb 01


Tony Hansen on mon 26 feb 01

> I'm searching for the following glazes:
> A good dark green, glossy or not
> A good pale green, like a celadon, glassy or not
> A good matte turquoise, w/o barium
> Also, I used to have a link to someone on Clayart's webpage, where he
> listed about a million cone 6 glaze recipes. I've lost the link and
> would LOVE to have it again -

Recipes don't travel well. When I used to mix tons of recipes to find one
that looked
good I usually ended up with one that was cantankerous to use. It either
crazed, leached, pinholed, blistered, was too sensitive to temperature or
change, did not work with colors, cutlery marked or scratched, stained easily,
etc. etc. When I finally realized a glaze was not good I started all over
again mixing
more recipes. It was a treatmill. It is better to start with a base glaze
that has good
mechanical and working properites, then adjust it to get the colors and
you want. Check e.g. The
shown here is intended to be adjusted, links to adjusted versions are provided.

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