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what is paper clay?

updated sun 18 feb 01


Dannon Rhudy on sat 17 feb 01

>What is PAPER CLAY?....

The short answer is: clay with paper fibers added to
it. There are various ways to do this yourself, and
you can also buy it commercially. The fibers are
very useful in making thin sculptural forms, preventing
breakage in the green state, and making clay more
easily mendable, again in the green state. It is
even good for throwing, but has the disadvantage of
clogging and dulling trimming tools.

Paper clay has been discussed at length several times
on the list, and you can find good information in the
archives. And, there is a booklet by Rosette Gault on
this subject, which tells many ways to use paperclay.


Dannon Rhudy