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two cone04 glaze recipes

updated sat 17 feb 01


Sharon Miranda on thu 15 feb 01

Dear clayarters:
I have been testing lowfire glazes, thought you might like to know recipes
and results:

Black Maiolica
(this glaze does come from clayart)

Frit 3124 30
Frit 3195 36
f4 feldspar 17
kaolin 11
Neph.Sy 6
mason stain 6600 10

This is a great glaze, forgiving, easy to apply and fires well at 05 and 04.
Amaco majolica overglazes work very well over the glaze, even in a
one-stroke application. I have been searching for a way to paint over a
black background, I think this is it....

Hersch emerald green glaze 04-05

This glaze comes from Sandi Pierantozzi. I have been testing it w/ Laguna
Borate or Columbus Clay's Gerstely Borate substitute.

Laguna Borate 31.54
Neph. Sye 8.7
EPK 8.7
flint 34.86
whiting 16.6.

add copper carb: 8%

This is (or WAS) a gorgeous glaze. A satin glaze with lots of color
variation. It is NOT food safe.
Trouble with this glaze is that all the beautiful color variation seems to
be lost with the Laguna bor.
It looks flat and commercial.
(The Columbus borate did NOT work).

On the other hand, I did test this glaze with 8% yellow iron oxide instead
of copper, and the
laguna borate version did not work, but the columbus clay borate sub, did

Now the questions of course...
I'd like to get the lovely depth and variation of the original, which was
surely due to the original use of gerstley borate. Any suggestions of other
GB substitutes I could try?

Thanks for any help. I'm testing other glazes in that firing range and will
send in results.
Sharon Miranda