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the peanut packing answer

updated sat 17 feb 01


Tom Eastburn on thu 15 feb 01

Peanuts: I've found they are best used by filling the
will-it-be-plastic-or-paper bags one get at grocery stores. Just toss a
several handfuls of peanuts into a bag and tie the bag off with the
remaining plastic. This smaller size can very effectively pack pots.
You can have a varying degree of peanut-semi filled bags, and use
I have four or more totes filled with these enclosed peanuts. They don't
blow away, they aren't a mess and they don't spread out during packing like
the loose ones.
This method works very easily and your pots are actually packed better.
This method works great for 1. the pots protection,
2. the hassle of dealing
with these misbehaving chunks
of Styrofoam.
"And that's all I've got to say about that."
Tom Eastburn
Southern Black Hills of SD