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test kiln for reduction firing

updated tue 20 feb 01


Gaynor Reeve on fri 16 feb 01

Having used an electric kiln for the past 12 years, I would now like to see
the effects of reduction firing on my work.....

What are the possibilities of building a small test kiln for such
firings......and ideally one that's not too complicated and easy to

I usually fire to 1180c, but I believe it has to be higher with reduction
firing....I think....

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.....

GAYNOR REEVE Ceramic Artist
Kent, England

John Forstall on sat 17 feb 01

Gaynor Reeve, Kent, England,

Seems like I knew a story about a young man from Kent, but that's another
story. You asked about reduction test kiln on same day someone asked about
electric test kiln. I didn't see a response addressing reduction so you may
find some help on subject at this site

My experience is parallel with advice from John Hesselberth (msg #100943).
The small kiln will go up and come down rapidly producing results far
different from slower firing/cooling large kiln on the same glaze. If one
adds propane gas as a reducing agent test glazes will be greatly affected by
amount of reduction, duration, and starting temperature of body reduction.
If you look in the archives using gas/electric thread you will find
considerable info. I'm presently in process of gas/electric modification.
Good luck!

(John Forstall, Pensacola, FL.)

Lili Krakowski on mon 19 feb 01

In Leach's Potter's Book he has a DESIGN for a small test kiln fired with
a blowtorch which is a brass can with a little pump build in (on same
principle as soap dispensing pumps) and had a nozzle through which one
blew kerosene which, ignited, sent out a long flame. A bunsen burner
should do the same, I expect.

Lili Krakowski