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sv: burgundy cone 6, oxidation was chrome/tin burgundy

updated fri 16 feb 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on thu 15 feb 01

Dear Will,
I tested this glaze and wrote it up for the archives. BUT, I originally =
saw it in the Archives. I think it was given by Paul Lewing or Mishy? =
Cannot remember. I had to use Barium carb. as a sub for Strontium =
because I did not have the Strontium yet. I did not get too much color =
with it, but I think it is because I used it right after mixing it and =
the stain did not any time to "soak" in. Sounds like it works for you. =
I will give it another try with the Strontium.

Best regards,
=C4lisa in Denmark