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sv: cone 6 clear glaze request

updated wed 21 feb 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on tue 20 feb 01

Dear Lee,
Ron Roy's satin matt has been a clear for me, however the receipe was =
adjusted for me by Ron because I experienced crazing with the original. =
There are a lot of clear bases and semi matt clears in the archives. =
However, many times my black slips came up brown or blue under the glaze =
due to the glaze drawing out the added oxides that are in the slips. =
You may want to try a black stain if that is not what you are tyring =
now. I find the blacks are blacker. Another point is I use light =
colored clays. The clears I used on iron rich clays at cone 6 turned =
the clay underneath greyish. I do not know what red rock clay is, but =
it sounds like it may have a lot of iron in it? I use stains for many =
different slips now and the colors are quite consistent under the clear =

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmakr