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sarasota, florida area?

updated sat 17 feb 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on thu 15 feb 01

Hi folks, I'm spending two weeks with my folks (who give us plane tickets for christmas) a bit south of Sarasota. Any Florida potters who could suggest a source of nice pottery/stuff to see within an hour or so of here would have my undying gratitude.

Thanks in advance... Kelly in Ohio (in Florida)

(who recently attended an "everyday spirituality" group where the tea ceremony involved industrial white restaurant-type applesauce bowls. Yuck. I plan to make them a batch of tea bowls when I get home. They may not be authentic anything, but it wouldn't be hard to top the "international house of pancakes"!)

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Jean Cappadonna Nichols on fri 16 feb 01

There is a Florida Craftsmen Exhibition (an annual statewide juried
competition) being held in Fort Myers at the Lee County Alliance for the
Arts, 'til Feb. 23. Beautiful show, lots of ceramic. Also, the Florida
Craftsmen Association headquarters is located in St. Pete. Their address is
501 Central -(727) 821-7391- they almost always have an exhibit going on.
Also, if you call them, they probably could give you lots of info on potters
and other craftspeople in the area.
Check out their website at
Enjoy the wonderful spring/summer weather we've been having and hope you get
to see lots of art!
Jean Cappadonna-Nichols