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re; alisa the testing goddess and other great people

updated mon 19 feb 01


will edwards on sun 18 feb 01

Hello Claybuds,

Alisa I can appreciate the post you delivered to clayarters. That is the =
reason I keep saying we should answer up front any questions one may have=

prior to barking how its been discussed in depth before and go to the
archives. (Of course check archives as well)

New information and new members come here often enough to gain valuable
insight and save them from many of the con's that could be prevented by
up-2-date advice as we prowl through the stresses of life in making glaze=
s and
dealing with out artistic selves.

The archives are a tribute to our work in the past to the present but it =
not conclude the moment of logic in discussion and the heat of such that
arises from the intensity of the moment. Also they have no one to argue t=
validity back and forth because alot of the information is not included a=
s it
would have been in the text of the original set of back and forth banteri=

If someone took my statement about Mn and Mg and then never seen the fixe=
version latter on and they aren't any of the contesting statements from a=
the world, what might they consider? Exactly my thought as well. (Yes, I =
read your minds) So far I have found most of those that threw them rocks =
at me
very wrong in several posts but thats human as well. Could I prove that p=
Yes, I can! It wouldn't gain me anythng however to do such. (I might poin=
t it
out privately once in awhile however as a reminder we are all in this
together) Unless we have selected ourselves as elitists and defined the g=
from the better.

I have always appreciated the difference in opinion while strongly motiva=
to express a few of my own. When someone abruptly interupts a list member=
tribute without as much as offering a small explanation I lose much faith=
that person however until I learn something perhaps better they may have =
offer. We validate our work and our human persona too often by what other=
think. I am also proud that Artimator has been a real gentleman and not u=
real abusive language but spelled it all out better than those who have
mastered hidden meanings for their intended statements.

Lets work like we mean business and understand that everyone one of us ar=
people first and potters second. If someone is offended by that then we m=
as well have a hunting class for dummies while walking through a field of=
mines. Tip toeing around is not what I call being adventurous.

Make the best of what you have and allow for mistakes. MEISM is a deep we=
ll of
ones own belief they are perfect or better. COMMUNITY however allows us t=
indulge without the snakes and seek a solution for a problem without prod=
the next post with a stun gun or making it appear that you have achieved =
and perfection. Those who have cast doubt over anything in my statements =
always under a watchful eye. But instead of gaining my emotions back from=
by busting their chops when they make a mistake I relent that they too ar=
only human. Please allow Artimator and others to have their say unless yo=
u are
being directly attacked. What goes 'round, come 'round. >lurkers, you are=

always welcome to challenge the guru's. Guru's are always willing to take=
up on it. :)

William Edwards
Alchemy 101 - Snakes -R- Us. See 'dem little bitty eyes. =

C M snakes M R not snakes C M itty bitty i's. (Phonetics are great)

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