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matrix glaze calculations

updated tue 20 feb 01


will edwards on sun 18 feb 01


Alisa you may want to try MATRIX out of New Zealand. It is a super tool f=
glaze chemistry. I own it and the author of MATRIX is a great person to d=

I understand they are others out there but you also can load pictures of =
recipes into the file for viewing. It is an easy to use system with featu=
that I found best suited for my tastes.

Also any lab work you need done let me know and I will be happy to give y=
several great labs for sampling the wares for release of any toxins.
If the glazes are of a nature that doesn't require testing, (I should not=
that some don't) then you won't need that info.

I have no financial stake in MATRIX. I am just a happy camper that I foun=
d a
great company to work with and a great man that is willing to go the extr=
mile with me. Someone once said "if it works, don't fix it." Well this wo=
and if your glaze needs fixing you will know it!

Free calculations programs are also available as stated in an earilier po=
st. I
would try to convince you to buy one that is very up-gradable and has goo=
tech support however if I could. (They ship really fast also)

William Edwards
Alchemy 101

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