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floating blue ^10 r with musings in cream

updated thu 22 feb 01


Joyce Lee on wed 21 feb 01

For Jonathan Kaplan and others... didn't keep track of all the names,
but this will just take a minute on the list. Report on 4th firing of
Hal McWhinney's Floating Blue ^10 reduction: Again, results were a soft
very light blue with creamy to beige spots... if a glaze could muse or
be mused upon, I'd say that the creamy parts were musings. The glaze is
on large ceramic leaves with edges turned up. The bottom of each leaf is
flat on the shelf. The back part of the leaves was a brighter, light
blue but still with creamy musings. This is not my favorite glaze by a
long shot but it does seem to be holding its own. This ^10 firing only
reached ^9 ... sorry ... but three other ^10 firings wound up being ^11
flat. In each case the resultant appearance was similar; however, the ^9
seems a bit less wishy-washy to my eye ..... my old eye... my old and
wrinkled eye ........... the other eye looks great.... you oughta see

In the Mojave doing as promised, and happy to do so....