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cone 6 clear glaze request

updated thu 22 feb 01


Lee Sipe on mon 19 feb 01

I am looking for a cone 5 or 6 oxidation clear glaze to cover my black slip
that will not change the color of the slip. I would like a semi-gloss, but
not too shiney, but not exactly matte. I would also like for it to be smooth
to the touch. Does anyone have any suggestions? (I use red rock clay).

Lee Sipe
Columbia, SC

Sam Rankin on tue 20 feb 01

what is red rock clay like? i am looking for a new clay body.

Ken Russell on wed 21 feb 01


I just back from the BMAC, so I don't know if this has been suggested, =
but Tony Hansen's 5X20 glaze sounds like it would fit the bill:

20 EPK
20 Ferro Frit 3134
20 Silica
20 Feldspar (G200 or Custer)
20 Wollastonite

You can dork with the percentages of 3134 and EPK (less 3134 with more =
EPK) to get a more matte finish. It's a nice shiny clear as is.

Ken Russell
The Russell Pottery