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bone ash glazes

updated thu 22 feb 01


Keiko Suga & Noel Oard Mapstead on tue 20 feb 01

hi lili

i recently finished conducting a workshop at esalen institute using human bone and
pet bone ash as part of the glaze formula, fired to cone 10 reduction. we glazed 1
cat; 3 dogs; and 4 humans...

i also have developed a raku cone 04 bone ash glaze. i have not completed testing
for cone 6 with results. i found 2% bone ash enhances best results for phoshorous

this does not meet your question criteria...would you like more information?

some of the results from the workshop can be viewed at

noel oard mapstead

Lili Krakowski wrote:

> 2.Does anyone have recipe[s] for c.6 bone ash glazes using more than 10%
> b.a. ?