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what price for your time

updated mon 5 feb 01


artimater on sun 4 feb 01

Excellant question......Since I have learned to live sans income, =
and I don't enjoy doing anything like I do art...I really am not able to =
answer.......I enjoy trading stocks, but not as much as doing =
art.....I've made $6000 in a day but I've lost $8000 in a day.....My =
paintings have been valued at $5000+ for insurance purposes so I guess I =
would have a lot of fun and make a lot of money by burning down the =
house!....I'm pretty well situated(old dog) and satisfied with what I do =
with my time....Come to think of it I have always had to sacrifice to do =
art so if there was a job out there that I enjoyed as much the question =
would be "how much could I pay to do it?"...I would do it till I ran out =
of money and then I might be back to drawing with chalk rocks on the =
sidewalk.....good question

"i only indulge when i've seen a snake, so i keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"

Here is the question: If someone offered you a job where you could not =
but instead do something that you enjoy equally well, how much would =
they have
to pay you to get you to do it? $10 per hour, $15, $20, $25??

And how long could you do it?