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thanks all for your quick responce, to charge or not for workshop

updated mon 5 feb 01


Cantello Studios on sun 4 feb 01

Hi, just a note to thank you all for your quick response to my question to
charge or not
for a workshop. There were so many good points made here. I have decided
not to do this workshop mostly because of time. I was told that this group
of people
have never paid for a workshop and or demo. I think they need to start some
kind of
fund for this purposes. I have done many free demos and what not at the
local schools in
Chico and even did a voluntary teaching stint at Chico State in the Glass
dept for many
years. I myself have gone to many workshops and know how much work it is to
put one
together. I guess I’m just through doing this kind of thing for free. I’ve
been doing clay
for 27 years and feel that my time is worth much more then in the past.
This is the time
of the year that I spend pushing my work to new levels and coming up with
new designs.Yes the quote ‘what you give away you keep forever” is from
Vivika Heino. She was my teacher and my
mentor for 27 years and still is today. Otto & Vivika have always been very
close to my
family. They have shown me how to ( Love Clay and Live Clay ). It’s just
time - clay is my clock, and it moves me along at just the right pace.

Thanks once again Chris

P.S. This is my new web, address still looking for the right host, any
comments on this page
would be helpful, still looking for bugs to fix. Its 48 pages long [
weird ] that’s my age (zoom/zoom) :-) replies can be made at my private
email the link is “hot” so just click on it.