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talking kiln

updated fri 9 feb 01


Lynspots@AOL.COM on thu 8 feb 01


I saw a suggestion in a recent ceramics magazine that was pretty cool. It
said to put one of those walkie talkie like units that are used for
monitoring sounds in a baby's room next to your kiln shut off, with the other
unit next to you, so you can hear the switch clicking off. Then you can go
out to the kiln and reset the kiln for a soak.

Wouldn't it be the greatest if someone could make a controller that talks, so
you could monitor the temperature changes, too? Then you would hear, 500',
1000', etc. and know that all is going well as the temp. increases. Would
save me a million trips (usually in the rain) out to check the kiln. Of
course, I don't even have a controller yet, just have to go out every hour or
so to turn the next switch, then babysit for the final temp. and soak, whine,
whine. Some day. . . . .

Lynne Antone
Beaver Creek Arts
Olympia WA USA
The snow is still falling, such a change here. Less than an inch, but nice
for a little variety. We need the water buildup here, so no complaints, esp.
when I don't have to get out and drive in it. Think I'll try throwing some of
those "magic" salt shakers Dannon wrote about in the Fall PMI today. Keep