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signatures...and one more thing

updated thu 8 feb 01


Sheron Roberts on tue 6 feb 01

I was coerced into going to a large indoor flea market with my daughter =
and son in law last Saturday (actually promised lunch hehehehe). I =
entertained myself by checking out all the pottery pieces. I was =
fascinated by the signatures, the factory stamps and marks. Piece after =
piece of McCoy from different time periods. If I had been a collector =
of McCoy I would have been in heaven. But the little marks were so very =
nice. Even the thrown and handbuilt pieces with their not so familar =
signatures were interesting. The pots and bowls and plates and cookie =
jars all seemed "complete" with their signatures. A piece that was =
unsigned left me feeling as though it were unfinished. =20
Sheron (OK that's enough, it's time to actually work in the studio) in =