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siglinda scarpa studio fire

updated mon 12 feb 01


Chris Campbell on thu 8 feb 01

All of you who know Siglunda will be sorry to hear that her studio, The
Goathouse Gallery, outside of Pittsboro NC was burned to the ground.

She lost everything. Her wheels, tools, recipes and ingredients. All of her
work in progress and her completed work in the gallery.

Clay guilds across the area are already planning fundraisers and offering
gifts of raw materials and firing facilities.

Anyone who ever visited her studio found a haven of wonderful Tuscan
enchantment. Every detail of her studio and the grounds were designed to
please all of the senses with flowers, artwork, fountains, cats, dogs, guinea
hens and of course - the goats.

True to her spirit, she is said to be sifting through the ashes to see " if
there is anything that makes sense in a new way". Who else but a potter could
see a fire as having a hopeful side?

This made me think twice about storing recipes someplace else as she has lost
one that dates back to 13th century Italy.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - feeling vulnerable as my test kiln did
not shut off as it should have and I may have gotten away with just having
puddles where test tiles should be.

Donna Nicholas on sat 10 feb 01

Please let Clayart readers know if there's a place to make contributions
to a rebuilding fund for Siglinda.
Thanks, Donna