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selling, or not

updated thu 8 feb 01


priddy on wed 7 feb 01

I phase in and out of the desire to sell my pots.

The solution for me was diversification. I teach in various formats, sel=
teaching products, (like videos and cd instruction materials), I paint fo=
money, sell pots, sell sculpture, sell paintings. There is always money
coming in, but what is going out is not always the same thing. That is t=
only way I can work happy. And I eliminated entirely, ways of working th=
at do
not appeal to me but that I "thought you had to do to be a potter", shows=
=2E I
sell in galleries, catalogs, and shops instead. =

In my business plan, I am allowing for income on several different areas,=
that when I get that urge to hoard what I am making, that protective "you=

can't pay me enough to make me give you this" feeling that won't feed you=
well, I can still eat. =

It is a diversified strategy of management for a rather unruly employee, =
but I
am both dumb boss and unruly employee and I have to work smarter in both =
to be happy. The only reason it works is that as boss, I do regular
maintenance on the areas that as employee, I am not focused on directly, =
that they are still ready to go when I phase back to that area. It's a
juggling act, but isn't life?

And because I work for myself and have some irons in the fire that only n=
to be tended from time to time, it works for me. I think it is called
thinking outside the box, because I hate, hate, hate, that box!

still respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy, as is

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