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sales when giving demos was free workshops, free demos.

updated mon 5 feb 01


Cat Jarosz on sun 4 feb 01

Hi Dai,

I took a workshop by Bruce Baker the how to be a dynamic craft seller
dude. In his workshop he warned against demos at least without a sales
partner that could be standing there pointing out what you were doing at the
time and showing what a finished product looked like... kind of a one -two
punch where the demo and sales person work together in unison... He
said that Demo's were great for instructions and imfo but once you gave
that away most people didn't need anything else from you.... He generally
was anti demo when it comes to craft fairs where the main idea was to
sell pots .... The Guy is pretty good with advise I can vouch for
him and his tape .... my retail sales more than trippled since his
workshop and that was all the proof I needed that the guy knew what he was
talking about.... So I 2nd your observations on not doing Demos at
shows without getting paid or without having a dynamic salesperson with you
that can talk while you demo... Cat Jarosz