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potfest cyber competition

updated fri 9 feb 01


chris cox on thu 8 feb 01

A peers prize for potters

The theme, "A piece for a Japanese Garden" merely refers to a place of
contemplation [anywhere in the world] but in the UK this year there is a
year long festival called Japan 2001.

There will be four competitions this year. One actual one at each
Potfest, potters' market' in the UK and the one on the internet open to
anyone, anywhere.

Only potters entering a piece earn the right to vote at each one and the
winner is the one with the most votes. This might not be the most
skillful or the most adventurous but it will be the most populer at the

As there is no external funding prizes are rather small, being 200.
100 and 50 at each market in the UK and 500, 200 and 100 for the
internet competition.

To enter merely send an image by email. All the information is on the
website. Voting will take place by email after July 1st and the winners
will be announced in early August 2001.

All the entries will be on the internet until August 2002 with the
potter's information and contact details. The Potfest site now attracts
in the region of 100,000 hits a month so the sooner they enter their
piece the longer it will be infront of a world audience.

What else can I say?
As full time potters Chris and I were sick of juries deciding whether we
could have the exposure we thought we needed.
Potfest started as a place where anyone could put their work infront of
the public. The size of the venue being the only selection process.
Everyone said that non-selection would lead to a lower standard show.
This has proved not to be the case. Everyone starts on a base line but
when large numbers of potters are together it becomes a huge support
group and everyone gets better year by year.

The competition is the same. Some entries will be less resolved than
others but it is a chance for anyone to take part and all the entries
will be on show not just the ones a jury decides are worthy of being

chris & geoff cox