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my ash glazes

updated wed 7 feb 01


ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on tue 6 feb 01

Hello, ive been using ash glazes for a while. I was using mostly Mahogany
when i was in Miami. All of the wood i burned was from "Hurricane Andrew".
Since i have moved to Lookout Mountain i have been using Hickory.

My glaze is Red Art 50% , Ash 50%.I have tried different formulations of it i
like the 50/50 the best.
I have found a small red clay deposit near me and i have used it also. I let
it dry then wet it, run it through a screen then let it dry again.

I am firing at cone 10 reduction. I also spray all my ash glaze. I do that
because i can spray heavy on the top of the pot and less near the foot.

The thing about ash glazes is the running or threading.It does want to run
off the pot and glue itself to the shelve.

Ursula Vann does great oxidation ash glazes. She is now a member of Clayart.
She started using a computer.

Capt Mark