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issac button video

updated sat 10 feb 01


Russ Murtagh on fri 9 feb 01

Hi Ted,

The film you saw was made by Robert Fournier and John Anderson and was
filmed between aug 1963 and nov 1964. Issac Button was due to retire and

the Soil Hill Pottery was about to close for good. The film is a real
gem and a great
documentary of times gone by. As well, it records the enormous skill of
like the late Issac Button.

I purchased my copy from John Anderson back in 1984. At that time I used

to hire a few filmsfrom John to show during my pottery courses here in
Sweden. I also
purchased 2 other films,one showing the work of Alan Caiger-Smith and
the other of
David Leach.

I'm not too keen on making copies of the film, there is a copy right

It is about 12 years since I last had contact with John. I checked up
the Engish phone directory
and he is still listed so why not get in touch. His address and phone
no. are:

John Anderson, East View, The Green, LONG MELFORD, SUDBURY, Suffolk CO10
phone +44 1787 313280.

Don't know what the video costs today, way back then I paid something
like $ 100 which is pretty
pricy but well worth it.

Kindest regards

Russ Murtagh