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updated sun 11 feb 01


Joyce Lee on sat 10 feb 01

Once again I'm getting such great posts.... really wonderful ....
very revealing .... I am grateful to receive them, but
feel wistful that they're not being shared with the list. It's up to the
writers, of course, who I hope will NOT stop sending the posts even if
they are solely for my eyes. I'm not criticizing ... anything but ...
I'm simply wishing. Of course, Mama Luce would say, "There you go again
.... spit in one hand and wish in the other, and see which fills up

I even received four more this morning on the thread of what your work
says ..... artists are such genuine souls! I feel very fortunate to be
part of this group.

Joyce in the Mojave where several orders from UPS arrived yesterday..
all packed with bags of styrofoam .... I was tired... opened outside...
took contents inside, but left boxes to deal with today.... dratted wind
came up (surprise!)... now have blue bags, boxes, bubble wrap all over
the desert five acres. Tacky! Have to go deal with it.