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don't miss this exhibition!

updated fri 9 feb 01


The Clay Studio on thu 8 feb 01

The Clay Studio would like to announce the anticipated arrival of
Ben Arnup's elegant ceramic vessels to The Works Gallery!!!

Ben Arnup

On Exhibit till February 28, 2001
The Works Gallery
303 Cherry St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel 215-922-7775
Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 -6 pm

Ben Arnup, clay artist from England, is having his first exhibition
in the United States at The Works Gallery. Due to a most unfortunate
delay with customs, Ben's work did not arrive in time for his opening
on "First Friday". We hope that you will show your support of our
friends at the Works Gallery by visiting this wonderful exhibit and
enjoying this rare opportunity to see Ben's work.

Ben Arnup
Artist Statement

An early fascination for architectural perspective and the
description of space were developed at York School of Art, England
and Manchester Metropolitan University as a Landscape Architect. The
ceramics at this first American exhibition represent and ongoing
process of exploration of the fun and ambiguity of Trompe L'oeil.
The paintings of medieval art and pre-raphaelite religious art, as
well as 20th century artist such as Baroque, Ben Nicholson and Le
Corbusier, flavor the approach to drawings for each ceramic piece.

Arnup's works are slab built, often finished with Ash glazes, and
fired to 1280c in a gas or oil down draft kiln, The engobes provide
even colors, while the reduction-fired glazes give variety of finish
and color.