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do i give a workshop free or charge

updated mon 5 feb 01


Sheron Roberts on sun 4 feb 01

Our Visual Arts Guild sponsors workshops for watercolor, ceramics, =
oils, batik, etc., at various times of the year. In most cases, it is =
the guild
members who do the demonstrations and teaching. We figure the cost of
materials and add that to a flat fee that guild members charge for their =
divide that by how many people we usually have sign up and that is what =
charge the general public. =20

We send out invitations to the surrounding schools and invite 5 students =
from each school to attend free. Because we are a non profit, we do get =
a very small amount of grant money that inables us to purchase the =
students supplies for them. =20

It is amazing how few students take us up on that offer. Most of our =
are weekend workshops that do not interfere with school. =20

Now the Boy Scouts have asked us to do a clay workshop, so some of the =
can earn a merit badge for clay. And yes, the potters in the guild who =
agreed to do this, will be paid for time, money and use of studio =
Sheron in NC