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dallas move

updated fri 9 feb 01


Jim V Brooks on wed 7 feb 01

When are you moving? Send me an email when you get settled and I can
direct you to many clay places, schools, workshops, groups, etc. I think
you will find more available than there is time to do. Welcome to the
Dallas/Fort Worth area.! Hope you like us.. Look forward to talking and
meeting you .. Jim in Denton ...

Beverly Crist on wed 7 feb 01

Hi Cynthia,

About your move to Dallas, I lived there two years ago and while there taught
a little at the Craft Guild of Dallas. It is a 50 year old non-profit in the
northern part of Dallas with classes in lots of different craft and art
media. I taught low-fire hand-built ceramics. They have high-fire and
throwing classes. I bet they'd be interested in sculpture. If they're not
looking for a teacher then suggest a workshop. (
Trinity Ceramic Supply is in Dallas and might have a job opening. Plus there
a lots of colleges and community colleges all over the area, if they don't
have any openings you could try workshops. Raphael Molina teaches at TCC and
is on this list. He brings in a lot of workshop artists and gives shows too.
You might want to contact him - look for his old postings, he's been on

Best of luck with your move. We loved living in Dallas. It's a big city with
a small town attitude.

Beverly Crist
Los Angeles

Vicki Katz on wed 7 feb 01

I want to mention that a good way to "connect" with clayart in the Dallas, TX
area is through TEXAS CLAY ARTS ASSOCIATION. They have an active chapter up
there. The web site is